The Bottom Line

ISBN: 9789941475023


Author Iris Hanika
Dimensions 10.9/18
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Adult Literature


The Bottom Line


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Iris Hanika’s the Bottom Line the story of Hans Frambach, a German archivist obsessed with his country’s Nazi past for as long as he can remember. His life’s work has been to catalogue and process the »remembrances« of Holocaust survivors’ at the German Bureau of Past Management, a task so heartbreaking and all-consuming that Hans can no longer imagine life without misery—for him, it is »the essential« thing. Yet, Hans has begun to question the necessity of his unhappiness. When his best and only friend Graziela ends a tumultuous love affair, he begins to draw a line between his guilt over a deeply painful, inherited history and his own unhappiness. What is really essential to him, and what is the true value of the past?